About Givit


Givit is a global platform that will shift the paradigm of giving from charity to venture philanthropy.

People will make money by helping others.

It is a sustainable economic solution to the challenges faced by charity, and with the right applications, Givit has the capacity to support communities all over the world.

The Challenge: Charity is Unsustainable

In the world of charity today, NGOs dominate the economic sector. As they continue to grow larger and many more than they have ever been, the number of willing donors grows inversely smaller.

By empowering the individual, and building a platform around the user, Givit aims to help eliminate inefficiencies and evolve the framework of charity from the bottom up.

The Solution: Venture Philanthropy

Givit is a direct donor-recipient network connecting potential contributors and beneficiaries all throughout the world.

By creating a digital currency ecosystem powered by blockchain, Givit enables anyone for the first time with the ability to aid those in need in an efficient and frictionless manner.1

The Value: The Win-Win-Win Scenario

People in need earn tokens and generate income by sharing their stories with the world.

Contributors and investors are presented with a new and unique philanthropic investment model, wherein people will benefit by helping others.

A more accessible contributor-beneficiary network will help restore a sustainable infrastructure to the local and global economies.

How Givit Works

See how the venture philanthropy model can impact millions.
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Help eliminate inefficiencies in the NGO world.


Enable those most affected by disaster to generate income for themselves and their communities.

        Help expand the current pool of donors.


Promote financial inclusion among communities who have been historically underbanked or unbanked all together.

The Givit Roadmap

Meet the Givit Team

Napoleon Canizales

Founder & CEO

An SEO and Social Media guru, his previous clients include: Warner Brothers, Ferrari USA, and the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.


Founder of South Beach’s first major style magazine, Napoleon’s magazine – Nouveau – coined the phrase “South Beach.” In the 90’s, he ran the leading event promotion company which organized the Miss Florida Pageant, Elite Models’ Look of the Year Gala, Miami Grand Prix’s opening gala and Miami Open Tennis Championship Players’ Gala. After moving to Los Angeles, Napoleon became the advertising director of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and was originator of the outdoor movie showings at the Cemetery.

Abraham Kumar


With over 15 years of experience in technology, Abraham Kumar has created and designed robust IT architecture and infrastructures, enabling organizations adapt, learn, and develop strategies for achieving desired business objectives.


Kumar is well-known for his experience in automating & integrating multi-million dollar businesses and processes. He has lead the development and deployment of custom applications, processes and system integrations in various domains including technology, security, networking, media, risk management, and music. An expert in delivering award-winning solutions for many high profile events including the Olympics, multiple Super Bowl and Rose Bowl games, Kumar is also a pioneer in creating and delivering high security education for state governments.

Steven Zubkoff


Steven Zubkoff is Executive Chairman of Associated Financial Inc., a vertically integrated real estate investment trust and private mortgage bank.


He has extensive experience in the valuation and securitization of asset-backed securities in the USA and Internationally. He began his career in the development and financing of affordable housing in the USA, South Africa and Mexico. He is a founder and Director of StudyNet Foundation, an online educational platform dedicated to creating and distributing quality academic digital content.

Ninon Zenovich Aprea

Director of Strategic Alliances

Ninon’s multi-faceted career reflects a life steeped in politics, labor activism, the arts and the recovery movement.


The daughter of the late, legendary California legislator George Zenovich, who helped write the landmark California Agricultural Labor Relations Act that first recognized the rights of farmworkers to bargain collectively, Ninon worked on the 1980 presidential campaign of Governor Jerry Brown, who remains a close family friend.
 After majoring in International Relations at USC, she launched an acting career while at the same time working to expand the rights of her fellow artists’ as an elected member of the Screen Actors Guild board of directors. She chaired SAG’s legislative affairs committee and successfully served on the negotiations team pushing for improvements to commercial contracts.
 More recently, she worked for the Writers Guild of America West helping organize the writers of reality TV programs in an attempt to bring their productions under WGA jurisdiction.

Tal Navarro

Director of Marketing

Tal is a social media expert, and a well known social media lecturer. In addition, Tal also brings extensive understanding of Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine optimization, and SEM.


Tal Navarro has helped brands and organizations effectively carry their messages to their target audience using Social Media (social networks, the blogosphere, social software, etc.), create brand awareness and use of social platforms in order to increase sales, manage the companies online community, define the company goals from social marketing and plan a long-term strategy.

Jeffrey Tabbios

Senior Technology Developer

Jeffrey brings 14 years of experience as system analyst/software engineer/hybrid developer and 11 years experience as Lead Developer in building,


analysis, quality assurance and processes of developing web sites, UI/UX for desktop and mobile applications. He provides cutting edge solutions to Givit’s web needs.

Meet the Givit Advisors

Julia Eisenman

Julia Eisenman began her career as a television producer, and has won three Emmy Awards for her 20/20 and CBS segments.


In 2003, Julia joined James D. Stern in launching Endgame Entertainment, helping roll its fund into an operating company worth $125 million. As Endgame’s President of Production, Julia oversaw the development and production of more than 23 films, including Hotel Rwanda in 2004 (nominated for an Academy Award), Proof in 2005, and I’m Not There in 2007 (from which Cate Blanchett won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for her role). In 2007, Julia produced the documentary Darius Goes West, presented by Julia Roberts, which went on to win more than twenty film festival awards. In 2015 Julia joined Everywhere Studios, an independent television studio as Senior VP, where she has overseen television development and produced several series and films for television, including Who Killed Jon Benet? in 2016. Currently Julia is head of scripted and unscripted Television for Dr. Phil’s Stage 29 Productions where they have an overall production deal at CBS Studios.

Roya Mahboob

Roya was named to TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World for 2013 for her work in building internet classrooms in high schools in Afghanistan.


She is a serial entrepreneur, and currently CEO and President of Digital Citizen Fund. She focused on building Digital Literacy for women and children in developing countries. And her personal goal for Digital Literacy is to bridge the gap between education and job markets by offering practical skills for women and youth in developing countries through Digital Citizen Fund. She sits on the Advisory Board of Forbes School of Business of Ashford University, Resolution Project, the Global Thinkers Forum and The NewNow organization. She is also a member of the 2014 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, Civic Innovators, The Advancement of Gender Equality through Education Award , Wonder Women, Young Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2015. She recently received a doctoral of Science in Engineering faculty of McMaster University.

Ginny Ehrlich

Founding Chief Executive Officer of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, which is part of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.


Set the vision, strategy and blueprint for the Clinton Foundation’s initiative focused on reducing preventable health outcomes and closing health inequity gaps across the United States.
Ginny Devised the strategy and led the operational and strategic start-up activities for the Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI). She also raised more than $5 million from large corporations, such as GE and Verizon, and individuals to support the development of CHMI. In addition, she built strategic and measurable partnerships with 31 corporations and non- governmental organizations to support access to health and wellness, valued at more than $100 million and projected to impact more than 25 million people in the initiative’s first year.

Alex Dahan

Featured in Forbes 30 under 30 for Marketing & Advertising, Alex specializes in social media marketing, and has a strong passion for blockchain services and technology.


Alex is the founder of Open Influence, a leading influencer marketing company that has successfully managed over 1,500 influencer-driven social media campaigns for both Fortune 500 corporations and up-and-coming businesses.

Mirna Sleiman

Mirna is the founder and CEO of Fintech Galaxy, the MENA region’s digital fintech community and crowdsourcing platform.


Mirna also advises governments and regional institutions on digital transformation strategies. She has more than 15 years of experience in government affairs, investor relations, journalism, strategic digital communications and global partnerships with public and private clients. Mirna is MIT Certified in Fintech and e-Commerce, has an executive MBA from Cass Business School (City University of London) and certified in Digital Marketing and Communications from Columbia Business School.

Arie Levy-Cohen

Arie Levy-Cohen is the founder of Blockhaus and SingularDTV, Board Member to ACTUS Users Association, Arbit Technologies, IEBC and Co-Engineers.


For more than 8 years, Arie worked at Morgan Stanley as International Client Advisor and Private Banker running both The Levy-Hafen and The WMO Groups. As a dual licensed Financial Advisor with both Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Morgan Stanley Private Bank N.A., Arie serviced institutional and ultra high net worth clients. He also served as an investment advisor to think tanks, technology incubators and Blockchain companies and single-family offices. Since 2010, Arie has been actively involved with various distributed ledger initiatives, advising start-ups and speaking at multiple FinTech conferences. He also has a special focus on Identity, cryptographic security, risk and compliance (KYC\AML) and Tokenized Ecosystems.

Cal Evans

One of the very few international technology lawyers with expertise in ICO compliance and strategy.


A law graduate from London, Cal is a UK lawyer and a U.S. multi-State litigation expert. Cal has experience working with some of the best- known technology firms in Silicon Valley. In 2015, Cal undertook his Certificate in Financial Markets from the prestigious Yale University. In 2016, Cal left a top California law firm to start Gresham International, a compliance and strategy firm specializing in the cryptocurrency space1. Cal works with companies operating within the cryptocurrency world such as ICOs, currencies, funds, financial firms, crypto-media, and crypto-funds. Gresham has provided services to over 40 successful ICOs. Cal is regularly
featured in many international publications and is often invited to speak at
blockchain conferences.

Richard Walden

President, CEO and Founder of Operation USA, Richard is a Los Angeles-based NGO specializing in disaster relief as well as international and domestic health care and economic development projects.


Operation USA has worked in 100 countries since 1979 and has provided over $450 million in aid and development assistance.
Operation USA was awarded the President’s Volunteer Action Award by the White House in 1983 for the organization’s work as the first U.S. NGO to provide relief to Cambodia and Vietnam after the end of the Vietnam War (1979.) Operation USA shared the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize as a key member of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

Worth Magazine (December 2001) named Operation USA one of “America’s Best 100 Charities”. Charity Navigator annually gives Operation USA high ratings and in 2008 named Operation USA as the #1 rated “Exclusively Privately Funded Charity in America.”

Lisa Kraynak

A Fortune 500 growth marketer and start-up builder. Lisa’s range of experience includes leadership across blue-chip organizations and earlier stage growth companies.


Lisa was appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg as NYC’s first vice president of marketing and is a former Vice President of Viacom, Vice President of Digital Media for NBC Universal. Lisa is currently a senior advisor to Maria Shriver.

Adam Robinson

Adam is the trusted outside global macro advisor to the heads of some of the world’s largest hedge funds and family offices.


Robinson has made a lifelong study of outflanking and outsmarting the competition. In his first career, he developed a revolutionary approach to taking standardized tests as one of the two original co-founders of The Princeton Review. His paradigm-exploding test-prep book The SAT: Cracking the System, is the only one ever to have been reviewed by The Wall Street Journal or have become a New York Times bestseller. After selling his interest in the company he’d helped launch, Robinson turned his attention in the early 90’s to the then-emerging field of artificial intelligence, developing a program that could analyze text and provide human-like commentary. He was later invited to join a well-known quant fund to develop statistical trading models before establishing himself as an independent global macro advisor to the chief investment officers of a select group of major hedge funds and UHNW family offices.

Angy Chin

An exceptional senior executive with 20 years of experience in many industries, including retail, restaurant, food service, and alternative energy.


Angy is the former CFO of Yum Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Wing Street), and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Jason Wulfsohn

Currently, Jason is the COO of one of the most innovative and groundbreaking online marketing firms, AudienceX.


The company runs hundreds of campaigns for Fortune 400 companies every month. He is also a tech investor, a creative & strategy lead with 18+ years experience working on brand and performance campaigns. Active in the arts – film and theater director, photographer -along with issues and advocacy work on behalf of non-profits.

Jay Levin

Jay is the founder, former CEO and first editor of the LA Weekly.


During his tenure, The LA Weekly won numerous journalism awards and became the largest circulation, with the most advertising weekly in the country. The company also launched LA Style magazine which was later sold to American Express for a considerable profit.

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